RQ Report

We hope you will work in a more convenient development environment.

Draw & Capture Screen

You can mark various things on the Chrome browser screen.
You can cut the area you need and transfer it to Slack or save it as a file.

※ To finish editing the image, just click the button and select the area to crop.


+ / - or WheelStroke weight up down
BS or R-ClickUndo
CTRL + DragDraw rectangle
ALT + DragDraw circle
SHIFT + DragDraw arrow line
0~9 NumDraw number label
ESCExit or Cancel Crop

Capture to Slack

You can edit the area visible in the Chrome browser, capture it, and send it to Slack.

RQ Report in Developer Tools of Chrome

It provides a more readable and convenient network panel than basic tools.
Can conveniently send RQ and RS information to Slack.
Can edit and capture the screen and send it to Slack.

※ This can be found in Chrome's developer tools.

Message to Slack

When the developers of each part discuss problems to correct errors, they can easily and conveniently share related problems.

※ For other inquiries, please contact support@docs.kr

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